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Do you need to reduce food costs and increase profitability? Is your team delivering best-practice customer service?

Food Business Development

Are you seeking advice about making smart choices for your food business?

Now, more than ever, you need a proficient and professional service for your business to grow and succeed by maximising its profits.

I can help you with:

  • Everything you need to know on how to start a small food business
  • How to go improve your kitchen management systems
  • The information you need to set up a restaurant
  • Restaurant menu design, menu development and reviews
  • Operational food stock control management
  • How to calculate a menu price and the contribution from each dish
  • Managing what your company spends on food purchasing
  • Controlling food costs and supplier purchasing reviews
  • The recruitment and selection of your team
  • Staff training and development

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Cost Control

What is cost control and what does it mean for your food business?

Quite simply, cost control is looking at ways to save your business money. It may involve pinpointing areas within your business in need of attention.

These may have developed as a result of weakness and inefficient practices within your business and can come in many forms:

  • Wastage
  • Rising costs
  • Poor working practices
  • Weak management controls

Book a consultation to help you find a solution to current deficiencies in your food and drink sales or just revamp an existing style.

A consultation with Hospitality Solutions can assist with:

  • Creation and costing of menu through to its implementation
  • Responding to new business trends and food concepts
  • Keeping Pace of industry changes outside of your local clientele
  • New direction meeting changes in customer lifestyle and work practices

New concepts and customer lifestyle changes often bypass many businesses and they miss out on opportunities to profit from these market changes. Because he’s an expert with his finger on the pulse of the industry Martin can help your business develop and oversee new strategies that can bring your turnover to the next level.

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