Sourdough Donegal - A Baking Strategy and Business Sustainability

Product Development
Whether through design and development or a business necessity. The covid pandemic has provided food businesses with an opportunity to pivot, review or consolidate how they work.

Here in Donegal, a cottage industry around sourdough bread has blossomed and continues to bloom. These local artisan food producers encapsulate true craft skills and have turned the sourdough culture into the strategy of growth and business survival.

Making Bread to Bring in The Bread

A Harvard Business Review article on learning from failure discussed how businesses must let go of outdated value systems and that past ideas of success are not a strategy for future growth. Many new artisan bakers have their roots firmly in the culinary business. However, they now have a new food offering that will allow their business and the Donegal Food scene to grow and develop.

The Beadmakers

Some of the Donegal artisan bakers to look out for,

• Scarpellos

• Benny and Co

• Le Fournil

• Belles Kitchen

• An Sourdough Beatha

Alongside these bakers, Ramelton Country Market, The Counter Deli and Simple Simons stock these fabulous loaves of sourdough and other local artisan food and drink. In 2022 Donegal finds itself “ baked in the sourdough culture and sustaining local food business", long may it continue.

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